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I’m Haruka, and I help others live holistically through good lifestyle habits, self-care, and natural health and wellness.

If you’re anything like I used to be, want to be fit and healthy. But you find the volume and conflicting information online completely overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

Health and Wellness is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and it’s hard to know what information is credible, and who’s just trying to sell you something!

Maybe you’re interested in healthy living, but what you’ve tried so far isn’t working out. Or you feel like you haven’t quite nailed it yet.  

Maybe you’re sick of living the work-hard/party-hard lifestyle that’s doing you no favors, and you need guidance on how and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Well, you’re in luck!

Haruka Writes is the ultimate guide to achieving a holistic lifestyle. My blog covers everything you need to know about living holistically and how this affects your overall health and wellness (including your mental health).  

I’ll show you how to live a more holistic lifestyle

Healthy living isn’t just about diet and exercise. 

I should know. I’ve tried this method and it didn’t work.

While I followed a strict eating plan and intense workout routine, my poor lifestyle choices badly affected my health and wellbeing.  

I’m now studying to be a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I’m living proof that anyone and everyone can benefit from holistic living. 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) Mid-Certificate
Issued by Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I went from a hot mess (with serious health issues) to holistic living and finding joy in each day

Between the ages of 18-21 I suffered from bipolar disorder, which caused my life to become out of control. I lost almost all my friends, racked up a 10k credit card debt without noticing, left my dream college in England (which I had made a huge effort to get into, to pursue my love of horses). I almost dropped out of university altogether. 

When I was manic, I had insomnia. During my depressed periods, I just wanted a passing car to run over me.  

I tried to control my life with a rigorous fitness regime, tracking everything I ate with a fitness app and exercising excessively. This alienated me from my family and friends, and I’d freak out if I was eating out and couldn’t track my meal.

My weight yo-yoed up and down and I went through two binge eating disorders. I felt incredibly stressed, had no self-esteem, and thought I’d die alone because I was chubby.

The extreme exercise routine put a lot of pressure on my body and eventually I badly injured my knee, which resulted in surgery and a long, painful recovery. 

This was rock bottom.

I realized my binge eating disorder and bipolar disorder somehow coincided. When I was lean, I was in a manic state, and I became depressed when I gained weight.   

I knew I couldn’t go back to counting calories (it was bad for my mental health and this method doesn’t work long-term). I could also no longer endure intense training, so I needed to figure out more mindful ways to exercise and eat well.

At first, I tried the low-carb diet. This was as unhealthy as calorie counting (the excessive amounts of chicken breast gave me stomach pains).

I realized something I wish I had known all along: fad diets and strict eating plans are not the answer.  

They put too much pressure on you to comply and take the joy out of eating. Also, a lot of diet plans you find online aren’t based on credible nutritional science and can be potentially dangerous to your health.

My journey was tough.

Apart from therapy, I didn’t have any guidance and had to do all my own research into holistic self-care.

It was difficult to find holistic health resources online, so I purchased a book on holistic nutrition. This sparked my interest in natural health and wellness. However, it still didn’t provide me with any practical advice or simple ways to eat healthier. 

Eventually, I decided to study to become a health coach. I went into the course thinking I’d just be learning about nutrition. The course completely blew my mind, before the end of week 1!  

Not only did I learn about healthy eating, but I discovered that holistic living is so much more. It includes financial health, relationships, social life, spirituality, your physical and mental health, home environment, home cooking, career, education, and joy.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive

While experimenting with how I can make healthy living easy for myself, I realized something. The simplest way is to find your life purpose and follow it.

I also started meditating, which changed my life. It made me more aware of what’s going on in my life and I became kinder to myself and my partner. Now, I grow my own food, follow simple healthy eating, and am mindful of following my intention in my holistic lifestyle.

I want to help you live your life with intention

I believe living with intention is the key to optimal health. 

If you feel stuck in a rut, you might be living your life without purpose. Part of holistic living is having a clear life purpose and following a path that feels right to you. 

My journey to natural health would have been a LOT easier if I had an easy-to-follow guide on a holistic approach. A guide with practical tips, based on credible resources and lived experiences.

I created Haruka Writes as a guide to make the holistic living journey simple and achievable for everyone. I run it ad-free, so I’m not cluttering up your screens with annoying banners or external pop ups. 

Who has the answer to your health? – It’s you!

It’s not your doctor or me (Haruka).

YOU are the master of your health, and you have the power to change it!

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