How to Choose the Best Meditation on Insight Timer in 2022

How to Choose the Best Meditation on Insight Timer in 2022

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You may have done some research to find the best free meditation app and decided to give Insight Timer a try.

But where should you start?

How can you find the best insight timer meditations?

I was in the same place a month ago. I finished a yearly subscription of a paid guided meditation app called SBT (Stop, Breathe, Think) recently and I switched to Insight Timer.

At first, I was skeptical that a free app like Insight Timer could provide the same value as a paid guided meditation tool. So I decided to try some popular meditations to see if it’s worth continuing trying meditating on this app.

Ready to learn about the best guided sessions on this app?


In this blog post, you will learn not only the best meditations, but I will also share how to pick the meditation that best suits your mood and purpose.

Alright, let’s do this!

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Why did I choose Insight Timer over a paid guided meditation app?

I started meditating as a daily habit a year ago, and I started using an app called SBT (Stop, Breathe, Think – previously MyLife). When it was time for my subscription to renew, I looked for reviews for many different apps including free apps and paid apps.

I tried:

  • Smiling Mind (Free)
  • Sattva Meditations & Mantras (Free Trial)
  • Oak – Meditation & Breathing (Free)
  • Lumosty Mind- Meditation App (Free)
  • Waking Up: Guided Meditation (Free trial)
  • Calm (Free trial)
  • UCLA Mindful (Free)

Most paid apps cost somewhere between $50-100 a year, and I started to doubt about spending some money on guided meditations. It took me a month to finally find an app I liked and that was Insight Timer. I knew about insight timer for a while, but I had an impression that there were too many guided meditations on this app and it could be overwhelming.

So why did I change my mind?

While I was exploring guided meditations on this app, I found out that there are so many mindfulness experts including people who have PhDs and MDs. Also, because there are so many choices, it was refreshing for me and it got me excited to try different meditations every morning!

Are you ready to find the best meditations that could change your life?

Let’s take a look!

Best guided meditation on Insight Timer app


best morning guided meditation on insight timer

Buddha Morning Meditation by Jonathan Lehmann (12 min)

Sometimes, if we have a bad day we carry our mood to the next day, or we feel like will never feel better again. This track is perfect if you want to have a fresh start no matter what happened yesterday.

Buddha says ,

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most”.

I was so inspired to hear this quote from Jonathan. We can’t go back in time and change things, but we become a new person every morning and we can always do better.

Jonathan will introduce you seven affirmations in this track, and he will help you have hope when starting your day.

Morning Intentions by Lauren Lee (12 min)

Do you set intentions for the morning? If you feel like you’re on autopilot and things keep piling up, this might be the perfect meditation for you.

When you set an intention in the morning, for example, “I will do some quick slow breathing before jumping on to my next task”, you may feel more relaxed and calm at the end of the day. If you are not sure how to set intentions for the day, you can check out this article by LifeHack ๐Ÿ™‚

Setting a tone for the day is useful especially if you want to be less stressed at the end of the day!

Manifestation meditation by Meredith Rom (6 min)

Do you have a dream you want to reach but it feels like you will never get there? Or you can’t quite believe that it’s possible you can do it?

What you need may be to start visualizing your goal more strongly everyday. When you practice manifestation meditation, you can create new neurons (the information messengers in your brain) and you can strengthen the connections with other neurons (this is called neuroplasticity).

According to a study, your brain can’t tell a difference between a memory and a vision of future, so practicing manifestation meditation urges your brain to work more efficiently towards your dream!

Short Guided Meditation

the best short guided meditation on insight timer

3 Minutes To Calm by Amanda Sellers (3 min)

You may not always have 10 minutes or more before you start working and you may want a short and sweet meditation to feel calm.

Amanda, the meditation instructor is a voice actor based in Vancouver, and her voice is so calm! She can help you let go of your worries and feel gratitude and joy in your life in just three minutes!

Working With Anxiety with Jud Brewer, MD PhD (4 min)

Have you ever noticed your racing mind or difficulty breathing when you are anxious?

This is a perfectly normal reaction to anxiety because anxiety can set off the “fight or flight” response in your body and cause these stressful bodily sensations.

I used to struggle with general anxiety disorder and daily meditation has helped me a lot. This guided body scan meditation helps you become more aware of your emotions, so the next time you feel anxious, you can recognize your anxiety and take action!

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Short Afternoon Work Break

Workday Break: Less Stress & Better Focus In Five Minutes

If you feel too worked up and overwhelmed in the afternoon during weekdays, you may want to try giving yourself a short break!

You may not have 30 minutes to take a break but I’m sure you can spare five minutes! This track is focused on using breathing techniques to help you focus on the present moment. Taking a short meditation break can be surprisingly helpful!

Any recommendations for sleep meditations on Insight Timer?

Actually, I don’t use Insight Timer for sleep. Why is that?

I used to use a guided meditation app to fall asleep, but I realized that it was making it even more difficult to sleep because I kept scrolling through my phone after the meditation had finished. Sometimes I fell asleep right after the guided meditation, but I didn’t like the idea of keeping my phone so close to me while I was asleep.

Did you know smartphones omit blue light? You may have heard many experts saying “Avoid smartphone use before bedtime”. This is because blue light can suppress sleep hormone production, making it more difficult to sleep.

So, I started using searching for screen-free meditation devices and I bought a meditation gadget called Morphee. I’ve been using this meditation device for a month now, and I have been falling asleep faster thanks to Morphee!

How can I find the guided meditations I like?

There are so many tracks on Insight Timer and it can look overwhelming, but this app actually has a nice sorting system for you.

I can usually find great guided meditations by selecting “Highest Rated” on the “Sort” button. It’s most likely that you can get best guided meditation tracks on the Insight Timer if you select a range of 4.6-5.0 stars.

Also, if you find a meditation teacher you like, you can follow the person and explore more of their tracks too! The cool thing about this app is that you can participate in live events for free as well. In this way, it can help you learn more about mindfulness and incorporating it into your daily life.

  1. Open Insight Timer and click the search bar

2. Type in the kind of meditation you are looking for

3. Select the length of the meditation

4. You can select if you want only female voice or male voice

5. You can sort out the meditations from “Sort”

6. Now you can view your suggested meditation tracks!

Can I Download Meditations from Insight Timer?

Yes, you CAN download the tracks if you have a paid membership which is $59.99 (USD) a year. If you become a paid member, you can take unlimited courses and use offline listening. If you are interested, take a look at this link for more information ๐Ÿ™‚

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