How To Connect With Yourself and Why It’s Important for Your Health

How To Connect With Yourself and Why It’s Important for Your Health

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Health looks complicated. There is so much different information out there, so we often want someone to tell us what we should do. But what if I told you you already have the answers for your own health? How is it possible? The key is to connect with yourself.

You know how you can be healthy, but maybe you are not simply aware of it.

By connecting with yourself and finding the answer to health from your inner self, you can have more control over your health, and you will be less confused by constantly changing information.

Do you want to know how you can make your health as simple as learning to listen to your intuition?


Remember, you are the master of your health. Not your doctor, or me.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s do this!

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What does “connect with yourself” mean?

What do you think about when you hear “connect with yourself”?

Maybe you think of being connected with your feelings?

To me, “connect with yourself” means “Being aware of life intentions.” – What does this mean?

It basically means you are aware of what you truly want in life! More specifically, life intentions in 8 areas including your:

  • Job
  • Finances
  • Activity level
  • Environment
  • Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Social life
  • Education

To explain it simply, the 8 areas of life intentions I mentioned above are like your vertebrae. They help you sit, stand, move, breathe, and lie down.

By connecting with yourself, you will be able to find your true life intentions and you can take action!

But how can you know if you are connected with yourself or not?

Well, I made a simple guideline you can take a look at!

Ready to see?

Let’s do this!

8 stars of life intentions⭐️

I named it the “8 stars of life intentions” based on a concept I learned at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I’m training to be a Health Coach.

If you look closely, you will notice the 8 stars of life intentions doesn’t include food. Why?

Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, says

“You could be eating all the kale and broccoli in the world, but if you’re not nourishing yourself on a holistic level, you will not feel vibrant.”

What does he mean more specifically?

Well, you can eat all kinds of healthy foods, but if you have a super stressful job that you hate or are in an unhappy relationship, healthy foods may not help your health as much as you want.

Does it make sense to you?

We will look into healthy eating another time, but let’s focus on more holistic perspectives this time!

  1. Job
    – It’s simple. If you are excited to start working in the morning or not.

  2. Finances
    – You’re not ignoring your financial situation and having a healthy relationship with money.

  3. Your activity level
    – It doesn’t need to be “working out” at the gym. It means whether you are satisfied with your daily activity or not.

  4. Environment
    – Is your home is relatively tidy? Whether you are satisfied with your neighborhood or not.

    If there are walking friendly paths around your house, you have a supermarket you like in your neighborhood, and you have a place where you can gather with people to socialize

  5. Relationships
    – Whether you are spending time with people who accept you and give you positive energy most of the time.

  6. Creativity
    – Whether you feel creative in your daily life or at work.

  7. Social life
    – Whether you are spending time you want with people you feel accepted by. Some people may want to spend more time with others, some people may not!

  8. Education
    – You are satisfied with your education level. Maybe you feel like you want to improve your skills or learn something new.

Sometimes, being aware of what you truly want in your life HURTS.

You may not want to look at it.

However, you are here on my blog, reading this post, so you must be here because YOU WANT TO CHANGE.

Being aware of the 8 stars of your life may be overwhelming. So please start focusing on one area at a time. Once you feel comfortable with one area, you can move on to the next area 🙂

Believe it or not, you already know what you truly want in your life. But you are simply not aware of it!

Do you want to start connecting with yourself, find what you truly want to do in your life, and become healthy


Alright! Let’s look into why being connected with yourself matters for your health together!

Why does being connected with yourself matter for your health?

You may be wondering why “connecting with yourself” matters to your health?

Think this way. If you follow your life intentions, there should be more happy moments and excitements within your day.

On the other hand, if you are not following your intentions, there should be more stress and grumpiness in your day.

Maybe you started to see why following your intentions matters to your health?

If you are not connected with yourself, and feel stressed in many aspects every day, you could develop a higher risk of:

  1. Stiff shoulders and lower back (may cause migraines)
  2. Heart problems
  3. Constipation
  4. Weakened immune system
  5. Weight gain

If you want to know why those things could happen to you due to stress, you can read this post about self-care!

On the contrary, if you are connected with yourself and feeling fulfilled and happy, you may benefit from:

  1. Increased heart health
  2. Boosted immune system
  3. Coping with stress
  4. Stronger mental health
  5. Combating disability and disease
  6. Increased lifespan

For more details, you can read the post I wrote about Joy!

There is one thing I want you to remember.

Your body can heal from stress ONLY when your body is relaxed.

This means if your body is constantly exposed to stress, not only do you develop risks of health conditions I mentioned above, but you are not letting your body heal itself.

One way to solve this problem is to prioritize time for yourself to feel relaxed. If you are interested in how you can do this, you can take a look at my post about self-care 🙂

However, if your stress is very strong and constant, you may want to consider changing the situation for yourself.

Do you want to learn how you can connect with yourself more, feel happy, and excited every day?

But how you can do that? Will it be a lot of work?

Don’t worry, it’s going to be simple and I will show you how you can start today!

How can you connect with yourself in a simple way?

So, how can I connect with myself, really?

Do I need to go to a retreat for 2 weeks and focus on myself?

The answer is NO!

Believe it or not, I read so many books to find out what I truly wanted in my life, but I always ended up not getting the answer I wanted from books.

For a while, I couldn’t distinguish between “What I truly want” and “What I should do or What other people want to see in me” for a long time.

Do “What I should do or What other people want to see in me” thoughts distract you from finding what you want to?

Do you want to know how I finally connected with myself?


What I realized through meditation was:

I already had answers in myself. I just didn’t let myself notice them.

Does that make sense?

Maybe you’ve been looking for what you truly want to do in your life, looking for advice, but you already have answers in you.

So how can meditation help you connect with yourself and find the true intentions of your life?

Well, meditation can help you:

  1. Be more aware of your emotions
  2. Help you stay in the present moment and stay focused.

By continuing to practice meditation, you will find yourself easily picking up your emotions in daily life. This means you become more sensitive to what you truly want!

Also, meditation can help you stay in the present moment.

How can this be helpful for you?

Well, we all live in a busy society, constantly thinking about what to do next. By focusing on the present moment, you can pause and really connect with yourself.

In this way, You will become more aware of what’s causing you pain, or what’s making you feel good, or what you truly want to change.

I will show you step by step how you can start meditating so that you can connect with yourself!

How to meditate to connect with yourself (beginner’s guide)

Maybe you are already aware meditation is good for you but you’ve been postponing it because it looks intimidating?

Don’t worry. I felt the same way, and I’m not going to tell you to start meditating 30 minutes a day.

Do you want to know the secret of how you can start meditating and make it a habit?


Let’s do this!

Key 1

Start small.

Start meditating 1 minute a day. Once you get used to it and want more, you start meditating for 3 minutes.

Once you get used to that, you start meditating for 5 minutes!

After that? You can meditate for 10 minutes! Or even longer!

For me, personally, I started practicing short meditation, and now I meditate 5-10 minutes two or three times a day!

Key 2

Welcome your distractions. Become friends with them.

One thing people struggle with during meditation is distractive thoughts. Maybe you feel like you need to make your mind void while you are meditating.

Believe me. A void mind is never going to happen.

We are all humans, and we are living in very destructive societies, with constantly changing things to see on social networks.

So what can you do about your distractive thoughts during meditation? – Just welcome them.

You can offer them seats and warm tea in your mind. Let them sit, and then you can go back to focusing on the sound around you or your breathing.

As you practice meditation more and more, you will find yourself not caught up in thoughts easily.

I learned a basic attitude to meditation from Jon Kabat-Zinn from MasterClass. If you are interested, you can try this free 7-day pass to watch his meditation classes!


Key 3

Stick to it. Meditate every day.

Whether you feel good or not, practice meditation every day. Believe me, and it makes a huge difference.

I used to meditate only when I was feeling anxious or stressed. However, I started making meditation a daily habit, which is when I started to feel connected with myself.

But how can you make meditation a daily habit?

Maybe you can set a time.

My favorite time to meditate is in the morning before I start my work. Or maybe you can start using a meditation app. I use an app called MyLife, and this app has been helping me meditate every day!

I recommend you meditate a short time, like as short as one minute or three minutes, when your stress or anxiety is strong. It’s better to follow shorter meditation and send gratitude to yourself for taking some time.

Key 4

You don’t need to think about your life intentions during meditation.

The purpose of meditation is to polish your awareness and enjoy the present moment. You don’t need to think about your life intentions during meditation.

But how can you come up with what you truly want in life?

Well, you will become more and more aware of your emotions as you practice meditation and it will come to you! Trust me!

My recommendation

UCLA’s free guided meditation.

Insight timer is a FREE meditation app that has a great reputation online.

Comment below what your thought about this post or what you’d like to know about meditation↓

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