Is Coke Zero Good For Weight Loss? – featuring Delicious Coke Recipe

Is Coke Zero Good For Weight Loss? – featuring Delicious Coke Recipe

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Do you drink coke zero for weight loss? Or maybe you like coke, but you don’t want the extra sugar?

We all want to avoid extra sugar, especially if we are trying to lose weight.

Have you ever thought about what’s in Coke Zero Sugar and how it can affect your body?

Do you want to know if diet coke is ACTUALLY good for weight loss or health?


That’s the spirit!

We will look into WHAT’s in coke zero, HOW it can influence your healthy weight loss, and HOW to make coke by yourself at home in this article.

Ready to learn new facts for your healthy weight loss?

Let’s do it!!

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What’s in coke zero?

lists of ingredients for zero coke

Why do you usually choose coke zero over normal coke?

Most people would say it’s because they want to avoid sugar. Maybe you’d drink a diet soda with pizza to reduce your calorie intake.

Do you know what’s in coke zero?

According to the Coca Cola® Zero Sugar official website, these are the ingredients contained in coke zero:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Caramel colour (Caramel E150d)
  • Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame potassium- ace k)
  • Natural flavors Including Caffeine
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Contains a Source of Phenylalanine

The big difference between cola zero and normal coke is the use of artificial sweeteners. Normal coke may feel sweeter because it contains sugar (from high fructose corn syrup).

Do you know why coca-cola created a diet coke?

Is zero coke good for weight loss? Lists of ingredients for zero coke

They wanted to make coke that was appealing to a wider variety of people, including dieters or diabetic people.

Interestingly, coke was first created as a digestive medicine in 1894 in North Carolina by a pharmacist. It contained vanilla beans and cocaine leaves. Many people on the internet are trying to recreate this original coke, so I decided to make one to share with you! (You won’t need cocaine leaves, I promise)

What’s in natural coke

is artificially sweetened drinks good or bad for weight loss

Did you know you can make coke at home? Coke doesn’t come from only coca-cola factories!

If you search on the internet, there are tons of different coke recipes using different spices.

The fact is, you can add different kinds of spices per your taste and play around. For example, I made coke twice using different spices, and this mixture was the closest to coke.

  • Sugar (I like using organic brown sugar or cane sugar)
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla beans
  • Lemon
  • Black pepper
  • Cloves
  • Star anise
  • Red pepper
  • Nutmeg

Do you see how different it is compared to diet coke? It makes sense coke was used as medicine when it was invented in the 1800s.

Want to know the secret recipe for guilt-free coke? You can check it out at the end of this blog post!

Does Coke Zero make you gain weight?

Coke Zero Can Alter Your Gut Microbiomes

can drinking zero coke disruput gut microbiome?

I used to crave diet coke and enjoyed it occasionally.

What changed my mind?

Because I found out that it contains artificial sweeteners that can alter your gut health!

So, how does this happen? Well, what you eat can change the diversity of your gut microbiome.

What’s a micobiome?  It’s the system of all the microorganisms that live inside your body from the time you’re born. The variety and amount of microbes vary from person to person based on your environment and diet.

Yes, artificial sweeteners contained in cola zero can alter microbiome diversity in your gut.  The more varieties of microbiomes you have in your gut, the more likely you are to lose weight.

Ultimately, having fewer varieties of microbiomes in your gut can lead you to higher blood sugar levels!

Can your gut microbiomes alter your blood sugar level?

can zero coke increase blood sugar level?

Yes. You may be surprised to hear about this experiment conducted by microbiologists in 2014. They gave artificial sweeteners to one group of mice, and their gut microbiome diversity decreased. Then they transferred those mice’s gut microbiome to germ-free mice.

Can you guess what happened to the other mice?

Interestingly, the microbiologists found increased blood sugar levels in germ-free mice! The microbiologists did the same experiment on human bodies, and they found similar results!

Artificial Sweeteners Could Make You Crave More Sweets

reasons to avoid artificially sweetened drinks for weight loss

Do you choose zero-calorie beverages over other soft drinks because you feel less guilt? Or maybe you choose it because it doesn’t contain real sugar.

What if I told you that an artificially sweetened drink can make you crave sweets?

Yes, it CAN make you crave sweets, unfortunately.

It’s hard to hear, but artificial sweeteners can ALTER your food preferences. WHAT!? You thought you were doing yourself a favor by choosing coke zero?

Harvard Medical school says artificial sweeteners are way more powerful than table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, contained in normal coke. So if you choose diet soda often, you may change your taste preferences.

What does that mean?

It means you may not find fruit and vegetables appealing anymore. That sounds TERRIBLE!!

I don’t want to scare you, but you may end up receiving the opposite effect if you are trying to lose weight by replacing normal coke with coke zero.

A large-scale experiment was conducted in the 1980s to determine the relationship between artificial sweeteners and weight gain over eight years amongst 3,682 adults.

Do you know what happened?

The BMI of people who consumed artificial sweeteners kept increasing.

So, if you make it a habit, you may end up gaining a couple of pounds and altering your taste buds. You can expect more than a couple of pounds of weight gain if you start eating more sweets over vegetables and fruit.

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    Is it OK to drink Cola Zero every day?

    So for those reasons, I don’t recommend drinking coke zero every day. However, you may not want to cut it all off at once because you may start craving more! (At least that’s what happens to me if I try to eliminate certain food).

    Also, if you have a history of eating disorders, it is not safe to go cold turkey. That’s why I wanted to show you how you can reduce drinking diet sodas gradually in this article! Stay tuned, I will share the natural coke recipe with you later in this blog post!

    Is Coke Zero better than Coke for weight loss?

    It is recommended not to take more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day (added sugar is the sugar added to food like bread, cookies, and ice cream). And 16-ounce (473 ml) of normal cola has 12 teaspoons of added sugar.

    So obviously, normal coke looks way worse.

    A group of scientists discovered that aspartame (the main artificial sweetener in coke zero) is more harmful to you than sugars. And it can cause mood disorders and mental illness. In the long run, you may experience impaired learning and memory.

    Also, aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar, which can make you crave more sweets. It is controversial, but studies suggest aspartame can cause poor blood sugar control.

    So which is worse?

    Coke Zero Sugar can be worse if you drink it very often instead of normal coke. This is because you get so used to the sweetness of this drink, and it may impact your cravings and tolerance for sweetness, leading to poor diet and health.

    How to reduce coke zero (and recipe)

    how can i switched to fruit infused water from drinking coke zero?

    You may be wondering how you can reduce artificially sweetened beverages. Do you want to know the secret?


    When you look at other articles online, they may be telling you to drink fruit-infused water or non-sweetened carbonated water instead. However, I believe it is difficult to stop drinking coke zero COMPLETELY, especially if having a daily sugar-free soft drink was your habit.

    The secret is, to start making guilt-free coke syrup at home! Does it sound like a lot of work?

    Surprisingly, once you make a batch of coke, you can enjoy it for 2 weeks to a month!

    What’s more, it’s way healthier, and you will actually feel like you are doing a good thing for your body by drinking the coke you made. You can enjoy it with your kids or mix it with vodka and enjoy the flavorful cocktail at home!

    If you make a rule that you can ONLY drink your own syrup, you may be able to reduce the number of sodas you usually drink.

    The first thing I noticed when I cut back coke zero was that I sometimes just wanted a fizzy drink. And I wasn’t necessarily craving the taste of coke zero.

    If you can change one of your habits, you may start building other healthy habits like eating better, getting good sleep, taking time for self-care, and exercising regularly.

    Believe it or not, changing one habit in your life can have an enormous positive impact on other habits!

    Want to know how to reduce artificially sweetened drinks? Well, there are several steps you can take to make it less painful for you.

    4 Steps To Reduce Or Stop Coke Zero

    Step 1: Replace coke zero with your homemade coke.

    Step 2: Reduce the amount of syrup you mix with the carbonated water.

    Step 3: Enjoy it on the weekend (you can mix it with vodka if you want!)

    Step 4: Replace it with carbonated water. (You may still want to make this syrup sometimes because it tastes good!)

    The key is not cutting out your coke zero all at once.  Why is that?

    If you go cold turkey, you will start craving, and you may start drinking even more coke zero than before! That’s why gradual replacement is a great idea. If you want to save money, you should buy a sparkling water machine and enjoy the sparkle whenever you want!

    I use this machine because it doesn’t require any expensive secondary purchase like a canister of compressed gas. This machine uses a mixture of baking soda and citric acid that can be easily recreated for a very low price.

    Do you want to learn how to make coke by yourself and lose weight?

    Let’s do it!

    How to make healthy homemade coke

    Healthy Homemade Coke

    Prep Time 15 mins
    Cook Time 10 mins
    Total Time 25 mins
    Servings 12


    • 1 Vanilla bean Vanilla extract is an option
    • 12 g Cloves
    • 10 Star anise
    • 3 g Whole black pepper ground black pepper is an option
    • 10 g Cinnamon
    • 1 tsp Whole nutmeg nutmeg powder is an option
    • 2 Red chilli *If you want to make it a bit spicy
    • 2 Lemon
    • 300 g Sugar Not white sugar
    • 660 ml Water


    Choose non-refined sugar. Sometimes, color is added to brown sugar, so you should pay attention to the ingredients.
    Try to pick organic lemons since we are using the peel as well
    Vanilla extract is ok. However, vanilla bean makes an excellent flavor. My favorite thing to do is to mix brown sugar and vanilla beans, and I can put them in my morning coffee!
    I didn’t mention calories. The purpose of making homemade coke is to enjoy the taste and not feel the guilt. (If you really want to know, the calorie is around 80-100 kcal depends on how much syrup you add. It contains 25-30g of sugar per drink).

    Ingredients for healthy homemade coke

    1. Grind whole nutmeg.

    How to make guilt-free homemade coke

    2. Score the vanilla bean. Take out the beans and cut the stem

    How to make delicious coke at home

    3. Peel off the lemon and squeeze lemons.

    how to make delicious coke

    4. Put everything in the pot except lemon juice and sugar. (Add 600ml of water)

    How to make healthy homemade coke `

    5. Boil the spices with lemon peels for a few minutes.

    How to make homemade coke

    6. Put 100g sugar and 60ml of water in a pot. Caramelize it until the color is very dark. It will start smelling good!

    How to make homemade coke with spice

    7. Once you boil the spices and lemon peels, add 200g sugar and let it melt. Stop the heat and add lemon juice

    Then pour the other pot into the caramelized sugar.

    Healthy homemade coke

    8. Let it sit for a little bit and pour in a sterilised bottle. Store in the fridge for one night then filter the spices and lemon peels.

    You can store it in the fridge for up to one month.

    how to make guilt-free homemade coke1

    9. This is a 500ml cup. You can pour the syrup as per your taste!

    10. Add sparkling water and enjoy! You can mix it with whisky or vodka too!

    Comment Below If You Made This Syrup! I’m Also Keen To Know What Else You Want To Make At Home!

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