The Ultimate Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Review in 2022

The Ultimate Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Review in 2022

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If you’re looking to take your health into your own hands, then the Institute for Integrative Nutrition may be worth considering.

IIN is a holistic education program that provides you with an understanding of how food and lifestyle choices can positively impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

It’s not just about learning how to cook healthy foods or learn about diet trends but it also offers courses on financial health, how to enhance your joy and creativity for optimal health, and more!

You’ll experience what it feels like to live in balance as well as become a healthier person from the inside out.

To be honest with you, I was not sure if the IIN was worth the money when I first started.

The program had a high price tag and it is a lot of information to process in such a short amount of time.

Since then, however, I have realized how much value this school has given me and why it is so important for all women to invest in their wellness!

I am writing this blog post because you might be wondering if the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is worth your money as well.

To answer that question, let me tell you about my journey with the school and share my honest review.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s do this!

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What Is The Institute For Integrative Nutrition?

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is the world’s largest nutrition school that offers nutrition and holistic health courses online to help students make a career out of it. And the IIN has been around since 1993 and has about 70,000 graduates.

Their main focus is to help people make a career out of their health and wellness by teaching them how to take care of it from the inside.

They offer a holistic health coach course which is made up of about a one-year or six-month (accelerated course) program. That’s not all, though: there are also extra modules that you can add in order to get even more specialized in certain fields, such as women’s health, 100 different dietary theories, and complementary therapies.

You will learn how to set up your own business and get to practice health coaching with graduates so that you will be ready to start pursuing life as a health coach after graduation.

Do I have to be a health coach?

The answer is No.

You don’t need to be a health coach. In fact, if you look at the IIN’s graduates, they are entrepreneurs, bloggers, YouTubers, and public speakers.

I thought people join the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be health coaches, but I found most people started the IIN for their own health journey after I enrolled. People enroll in the IIN because they suffered or are suffering from some conditions and want to learn more about health for themselves or their families. Becoming a health coach comes later for a lot of people.

If you want to be a health coach, that’s great! You will spend half of the time learning about business and marketing to establish your successful health coaching business!

Just a reminder though. You will use a decent amount of time practicing health coaching with the IIN graduates and your peers, studying how to coach people, and conducting health coaching sessions.

So if you are super introverted and not interested in coaching people at all, this course may not be helpful for you.

Was I interested in being a health coach in the beginning?

Actually, no. However, as I learn more and more about health coaching, I started to be interested in impacting others’ health on a personal level!

Curious about what you can learn at the IIN?

Let’s take a look together!

What can I learn at the IIN?

As the school title says, you may be wondering if you are going to learn more about different kinds of diet or nutrition theories.

It’s not true.

So what will you learn?

Well, the IIN’s health coaching program is designed to teach students how to impact people’s overall health with a holistic approach.

For instance, IIN teaches the following programs:

  • Bio-individuality (Everyone is different. You will learn how individuals prefer different types of exercise and eating styles)
  • Blood type diet
  • Coaching skills
  • 100 different dietary theories
  • Financial Health
  • Feng Shui
  • Primary food (Why other than what you eat is more important for your health ex financial health and relationships)
  • Your career choice impacts your health
  • Comparison between Western medicine and Eastern medicine
  • How to build meaningful relationships
  • Introduction to Ayurveda

If you are interested in browsing the whole curriculum, you can click the banner below ↓

Curriculum Guide Website Banner

I thought I would mainly learn about nutrition, so I was blown away by the variety of contents in its holistic approach.

What do I like the most about the IIN’s program so far?

I would say it’s the “Primary food” concept.

This means no matter how much you eat well or exercise regularly if you are not happy with your career, financial situations, and relationships you will not be able to live your life at full capacity!

I changed my own life since I started studying at the IIN and I’ve been able to experience so many positive changes in my life. People started to ask for wellness advice from me and that’s exactly what I wanted!

Want to learn more about holistic health means before you consider the IIN?

I strongly recommend reading Lissa Rankin’s book “Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself“.

Also, you can take a sample class from the IIN!

How many hours do you need to dedicate to it?

Don’t worry. The IIN’s program is not going to be like graduating from a university.

It really depends on how much effort you want to put in.

When I just started, I used to spend 8-10 hours a week simply because I had more time back then. I was watching all the videos twice and discussing with my classmate once a week.

However, my life got busy and now I can only spare 3-4 hours a week. But it’s ok too!

Why is that?

Because you can still access all the materials for 6 months! (if you are in one year program). Also, the IIN recommends saving all the class materials on your hard drive.

When I don’t have time to sit and study, I usually listen to the video while I’m cooking and I’m enjoying it 🙂

Keep in mind that you will have to spare some time for

  • Health histories (initial health coaching consultation sessions)
  • Coaching circles (coaching calls to practice health coaching with graduates online).
  • Setting up your business (setting up a website and social media, and narrowing down who you want to target)
  • Practicing how to coach clients with other students

If you feel like you want to study more you can always study more because they always provide additional resources!

There is a six-month program, but I would NOT recommend it.

Why is that? Because I feel like a one-year course is making me busy enough, and you simply don’t want to overwhelm yourself because you will encounter so much new information in weekly modules!

Overall, I would say you’ll want to spare 4-5 hours a week!

Who can take the course and where are they located?

If you have checked other health coach training programs, you may have noticed that a lot of schools require in-person training or real-time zoom webinars.

How about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition?

This is one of the biggest reasons I chose the IIN because I was still in Japan when I decided to enroll so I couldn’t join real-time training sessions!

The IIN is a 100% online school including health coaching training, class materials, and exams! So this means you can study in your own time and you don’t need to be in New York City! Feel free to travel!

Do you need a degree or some former experience to enroll? Anyone can apply!

If you are interested to learn more about the IIN program detail and graduation criteria, check out my article for the complete guide to the IIN before enrollment.

My honest IIN review – Pros and Cons


  • I made like-minded people and I made one really good friend
  • I’m learning how to set up my health coaching business and how to be a successful health coach
  • I’m learned how to make healthy eating and lifestyle very simple
  • People started to ask for advice from me
  • I don’t freak out when I’m sick. I can analyze why I’m not feeling well and think about what I can do about it
  • It’s easy to make connections with people because they are so many graduates all over the world
  • They support students by having a monthly webinar and FB group
  • They offer extensive coaching tools to get you ready to coach clients after graduation


  • It can be overwhelming because you are always exposed to new theories and information
  • I sometimes had difficulty catching up because my personal life got busy or the volume was big sometimes
  • I sometimes felt like there are too much health coaching and business content since I’m not sure if I want to be a health coach
  • It’s not cheap
  • You won’t become a certified health coach automatically after graduation. You will have to take an accredited course to sit for a health coach certification if you want to start your own business.

Other people’s opinion about the IIN – Is the IIN a scam?

If you are considering studying at the IIN, you must have seen both negative and positive reviews, and I want to help you learn if those reviews are true or not!

I found the reviews from Trustpilot are reliable, so let’s take a look at both GOOD and BAD reviews together!

BAD reviews on Trustpilot

Before I enrolled at the IIN, I saw many reviews saying “I could have googled it” or “I could have learned on Youtube”.

Is it true?

Well, it is partially true. If you sign up for a school, and you already know what you are going to learn, you can pretty much study by yourself, right?

If you are self-disciplined and super motivated, I would say GO FOR IT! You don’t need a school!

Maybe this person who reviewed had pretty good ideas about what holistic health means. I tried to study by myself before I enrolled in the IIN but I couldn’t find many books.

So why did I pay for an expensive health coaching course at the IIN?

Well, I needed some sort of structure to keep me on the truck and I needed a support system! Without the IIN program, I don’t think I ever learned this much that also brought me enormous diet and lifestyle changes!

What I found most meaningful was discussing what I’ve learned with other students and deepening my knowledge.

Is it true that you learn nothing about how to become a health coach?

As I mentioned earlier, you spend half of the time studying and practicing how to be a health coach and start making income from it! Also, the IIN provides all the tools we need to get you ready for health coaching! It really helps offset the cost.

Conclusion: I have no idea what this person is talking about.

Is it true that there is no interaction between other students?

The answer is YES and NO.

I joined a WhatsApp group for Australian students and we’ve been having a monthly study group. Also, I made one really good friend and I often chat and discuss with her!

The IIN strongly encourages you to find an accountability coach, who you can chat on a regular basis, so if you don’t put effort into connecting with others, you get nothing.

You can join the FB group once you enroll, and you have plenty of chances to connect with others! You can also attend a monthly webinar session held by faculty staff and ask questions about weekly modules.

Conclusion: It’s up to you whether you can connect with other people or not

GOOD review

I would say this person’s IIN review is pretty accurate.

I like that we have so many guest speakers in the health and wellness field who have different views., and it really challenges your belief systems.

Sometimes, it can get confusing since you get to learn so many different theories but it puts us in a neutral position.

Why is it important to have a neutral point of view of health and wellness?

Well, first of all, having different views helps when you coach people.

Your client may show up and say “I heard this XYZ can improve your overall health and I’ve been experimenting with it”, and when this happens, you don’t want to say “It’s wrong!”

Being a good health coach means holding a non-judgemental space for your clients and supporting their wellness journey so that they can start figuring out what works for them!

Also, being open to new theories help you keep learning!

Lastly, I want to answer if you have to be self-disciplined. The answer is YES.

Since the IIN’s course is all online, and you can attend classes on your own time, you need to create a study routine that works for you!

It is also true that people get busy and you sometimes have less connection with people. I got busy and I haven’t been able to chat with my friends as often as I want. It happens!

What I recommend is to make a couple of friends from the course so that when one of them gets busy, you can still discuss with others. You can make new friends in the course too!

Conclusion: The IIN can help you learn health from many different perspectives. But you need to be consistent and motivated to stay on track with the program.

Who should attend an IIN course, and who shouldn’t

To be honest with you, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is NOT for everyone. However, I can tell you from my personal experience who may enjoy studying at the IIN nutrition school.

If you are someone like below, you should join

  • Someone who wants to get a certificate of health coach from a renowned school
  • Someone who wants to learn holistic health for yourself and others
  • Someone who can invest 4-6 hours a week taking classes
  • Someone who wants to make money from helping others send a healthy lifestyle

If you are someone like below, you should NOT join

  • Someone who simply wants to learn about holistic health and has no intention to start coaching
  • Someone who is too busy to study
  • Someone who doesn’t want to take half of the course curriculum studying about wellness coaching and setting up a business
  • Someone who wants to study on campus

For further information, you can check out the FAQ

HCTP Webinar Website Banner

What are the career options after the IIN?

Did you know becoming a health coach isn’t the only option after graduation? Those are possible career opportunities after graduation;

  • Work at clinics with doctors and nutritionists
  • Become an entrepreneur
  • Blogger
  • Work for health insurance companies
  • Become a consultant to help their employees’ health
  • Work with food chains
  • Work for schools to create healthier menus
  • Help your community
  • Work with restaurants developing new recipes
  • Work for publications
  • Freelance writer

If you are interested to explore the career paths more in detail, check out this article created by the IIN!

How much does the IIN cost?

Prior to enrolling in IIN, I was so confused about the school’s price tag. It’s not shown on the website and I had to talk to faculty staff to find out the tuition fee.

They are constantly giving different promotions so I can’t tell you the exact cost, but for me, I paid $5095 (after a $2000 discount) in total. Also, they were doing an interest-free campaign so I was able to divide my pay my tuition fee divided into 24 months. I would say the full price is going to be around $7,000.

If you are interested to enroll in the IIN, I recommend you take a sample class or join a webinar session.

Or if you already decided that you want to sign up, you can apply from here. (Want to save money? If you apply through this link, you can receive up to a $2,000 discount! hooray!). You can also talk about a possible payment plan with the admission staff.

They also have various payment plans, so you can talk to the admissions team for more detail. ( )

My Final Opinion – Is it Worth the Money?

In this blog post, I talked about the pros and cons of the Institue for Integrative Nutrition. When I just enrolled in the IIN, I thought maybe I made a big mistake and there were better schools with cheaper prices!

However, I am super happy I didn’t make an early judgment and leave this school.

Why is that?

Because now I have much more confidence in what I have to say about health and wellness, and the IIN always gives me new ideas about what I want to write about in my blog!

Also, I struggled to find a simple healthy lifestyle that works for me because there is so much information out there! Now I can cloud out which information on google is true or work for me.

I still have a half year more to finish the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I will keep updating my IIN review so please stay tuned 🙂

If you are considering the IIN, I hope you find this review helpful. If you have any other questions, please leave your comment below!

Also, feel free to ask me any questions about the IIN via email!

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